3 MONTHS POST USA TRIP UPDATE | Lyme Disease Treatment

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. Sorry it has taken me so long to do an update video…I spent a long time recovering from my mammoth trip home and then got out of the habit of picking up the camera.
It’s been over 3 months (actually almost four now) since I got back from the USA so here’s how the last 3 months have gone and where I am at now with my treatment.

I really hope you enjoy watching :)

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  1. Jacquie April 27, 2017 / 5:10 pm

    Thank you Sophie, and also Sophie’s mum, for sharing your journey with us.
    Sophie, you are a courageous young woman. I pray that soon you will begin to have significant improvement. You have much to offer the world, and your blog is wonderful. Take good care and go forward gently. Let time carry you to a better place.

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